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Parenting reflections: Insights from Recent Tragedy

Dear Fellow Parents

In this edition of our newsletter, we find ourselves reflecting on a tragic incident that has shaken our parenting community. The recent news of a 14-year-old girl's untimely demise in Aluva, reportedly due to conflicts arising from her relationship with a boy from another religion, compels us to discuss the crucial role of parenting in shaping a child's values and decision-making.

Early Foundations Matter:

Parenting is a journey that begins long before adolescence, and the seeds we plant during a child's formative years often determine the nature of our relationship with them as they grow older. The autonomy children develop around ages 3-4 sets the stage for how conflicts will be managed in the future. Small conflicts in early childhood may revolve around toys or food habits, but as kids mature, the issues become more complex, such as friendships and relationships.

Communication is Key:

How we handle conflicts matters deeply. As children grow, the methods that once worked, like shouting or spanking, may not be effective. Respectful communication becomes crucial, even when faced with decisions we may not entirely agree with. Respecting our children as separate individuals and guiding them through the process of decision-making is paramount.

Education on Decision-Making:

The best gift we can offer our children is education on making the right decisions. Giving them the space to make mistakes and tolerating those mistakes while guiding them to overcome challenges is essential. This approach fosters an environment where children feel comfortable discussing their experiences, even the sensitive ones.

Open-Minded Guidance:

In the Aluva incident, restrictions on phone usage did not prevent the tragedy, highlighting the importance of an open-minded approach. Recognizing that everyone, including parents, makes mistakes is crucial. Correcting and guiding, rather than controlling, allows for a healthier parent-child relationship.

Creating a Safe Space:

Ultimately, our homes should be a safe space for our children to discuss anything, even the most sensitive topics. Gibran's wisdom rings true: "Though they are with you, yet they belong not to you." As corporate parents juggling work and family life, let's strive to make our homes a sanctuary for open dialogue, understanding, and growth.

In the midst of our busy lives, let us not forget the profound impact we have on shaping the future through our children.

Wishing you all strength, resilience, and meaningful connections.

With love,


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