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From Parenthood to Careerhood

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Greetings to all the working parents out there! In today's edition of The Corporate Parent's Corner, we bring you a personal story - a journey from embracing motherhood to restarting a fulfilling career.

Let's hear from Shameen, Customer Success Lead at Crink:

"One choice that did not take long was resigning from my job to embrace the impending motherhood. But the decision to restart my career was a more challenging path, one that took over a year. Countless hurdles held me back from pursuing my dreams.

The following steps helped me stick to my dream career even after becoming a parent.

1. Upskill Yourself

One of the most significant obstacles I faced was the gap in my skills and knowledge. After a prolonged hiatus, I knew I needed to update my expertise to make myself relevant in the job market. I took the plunge and embraced upskilling. This not only boosted my confidence but also equipped me with the necessary tools to re-enter the workforce.

2. Embracing a New Routine

The transition from being a full-time parent to a working professional required me to rethink my daily routine. I started preparing myself as a working woman, planning my day as if I were already on the job. A well-structured routine ensured I could manage my responsibilities at work and home effectively. It also helped me maintain a work-life balance that was crucial to my success.

3. Sharing Dreams with Your Children

I realized that involving my children in my journey was a source of motivation and support. I began discussing my dreams with them, sharing what I wanted to achieve. I also included them in household chores and responsibilities. This not only taught them valuable life skills but also made them feel like active participants in my pursuit of a fulfilling career. Together, we created an environment where everyone's dreams and aspirations were valued and supported.

4. Building a Support Network

Overcoming the obstacles to re-enter the workforce is not a solitary endeavor. Building a support network is vital. I reached out to fellow parents, mentors, and friends who had gone through similar experiences. Their guidance, advice, and encouragement were invaluable in keeping me motivated and focused on my goals.

5. Detoxify Your Negative Thoughts

Any mom attempting to restart her career might find herself plagued by self-doubt and nagging thoughts like, "Am I being selfish?" I faced these too, but I learned to combat them with positive affirmations. It's crucial to remind yourself of your worth and the importance of pursuing your goals.


My journey from parenthood to a career at a parenting startup, Crink, has been a remarkable one. The key is to believe in yourself and your aspirations, and with these steps, you can make it a reality. Parenthood doesn’t have to be the end of your career aspirations, it can be the beginning of another beautiful chapter.

I hope this newsletter inspires and empowers all parents to pursue their career aspirations while cherishing the journey of parenthood. Stay tuned for more insightful content from 'The Corporate Parent's Corner'."

Warm regards,


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