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Where the art of parenting is celebrated, and the journey is made all the more beautiful

Make your parenting journey enjoyable and give your kids a happy future


Harmony Seekers.

Balancing ambitious career trajectories and prosperous family life.

Wholistic Advocates.

Championing an all-encompassing development and wellness for their young ones.

Family Enthusiast.

building strong and meaningful connections within their families.

Parent chatting with the AI Co-Pilot of Crink.App

The Stunning

AI Co-Pilot.

  • Insightful Navigation: Your guide through the fascinating tapestry of family life’s events and commitments

  • Organizational Maestro: Seamless management and synchronization of family engagements and tasks

  • Stay Updated: Reminders to ensure you are always attuned to the heartbeat of your family

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Your Family’s Personal Development Coach 

Parent Mentor

  • Expert Advice: Dialogue with specialists in the realms of child and adult psychology

  • Holistic Therapy: Tailored sessions to cater to the emotional and mental wellness of your family.

  • Evidence-Based: Navigate familial pathways with strategies grounded in empirical research.

The Crink Way Addresses


Parental Wellbeing

  • Worry.

  • Guilt.

  • Stress.

About Crink.App

The Crink Way!

First time in the history of humankind, childbearing has become the whole responsibility of parents in addition to a full-time job. And millennial moms and dads are the least skilled to face 21st-century parenting challenges. Parenting frustrations are deepening into the personal and professional life. Crink.App offers a transformation to 'Parenting Without Frustration'. Parents call it: 'The crink way'!

Besties on a Mission To Transform  Families

Sruthi & Mariyam [Co-Founders, Crink Pvt Ltd. ]

From college buddies to co-mothers and collaborators, our journey has been extraordinary. We've navigated the realms of career and motherhood, facing the solitudes and triumphs of parenthood side by side.


Crink is born from our shared experiences. It embodies our vision of a supportive, interconnected world for every working parent—ensuring no one feels alone in the beautiful yet challenging voyage of raising the next generation.


Let's enrich the journey of parenthood, together.


With love

Mariyam & Sruthi

What Sets Us Apart

Exceeding Your Expectations

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Parent Mentor

Psychology Experts

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Parent path

Weaving a Web of Nurturing Practices

Crink.App at your fingertips

Upskill your

Parenting journey

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30 mins 
each week

Maximizing Benefits in Minimal Time

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“Each minute we spend is worth, as each line is a point to remember.”

Geoffrin John Technical Lead,

Scottsdale Global Innovations, Trivandrum

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