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3 Points: If you find ur kid’s handwriting ugly

Updated: Feb 16

a sudoku was solved by a kid in the handwriting of a 2 year old child.
the 9s, 5s, 8s, 3s

Like most of you, my eyes too got struck on those dizzy numbers (see the picture). Numbers are flipped horizontally and vertically. Moreover they look ugly too. The moment I saw this, I had an urge to correct my five-year-old Fama. In between the moment of that visual stimulus and my response to it, I got few precious seconds to think about it.

Following are those thoughts that helped me in choosing my response:

  1. She requires some fine motor skills to write accurately. In regards to her age, she is not expected to have such motor skills. Only around the age of seven, we can expect fine letter formation from a child. That too vary in kids due to different reasons. (if you want to know those reasons please let me know through the comments)

  2. This is not the time to teach her letter formation because at this moment she is mesmerized by the world of numbers and madly in love with solving sudoku problems. Any negative interference from an adult will have a detrimental effect on her interest in numbers.

  3. Connecting mathematics with the ability to draw lines and curves is not good for her young mind. This may mislead her to identify herself as bad with numbers, which she is not.

In the end, I’m happy about my child’s interest in numbers rather than being upset about her inability to produce fine strokes on a paper. So I simply watch and enjoy her doing it.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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